Comment About Politicians Inactivity

A poster on Gawker had a great comment about the fact that this Congress is the least productive as far as passed bills since records were started in 1947;

“They did their jobs, actually. The American people sent politicians to Congress in 2010 and 2012 that expressly stated that they don’t believe in government as an institution and believe it should act as little as possible. They went to Washington and governed in exactly that way. If you believe blame should be assigned for this, it should go to the American people NOT the politicians.

Actually, this Congress should be APPLAUDED for doing EXACTLY what they said they would while campaigning. They said they’d get government out of the lives of the people in this country and did exactly that. Aren’t Americans always complaining about broken campaign promises? You got what you voted for.”

Sadly true, you get what you vote for.


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