Todd Rokita Voted Against Hurricane Sandy Relief?

I was truly embarassed today to learn thay my representative in the House, Todd Rokita, was one of 67 House members, all Republican, to vote against, the $9.7b aid package to help with the recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy. I find it unconscionable and reprehensible that someone could vote against disaster relief, but unfortunately it has become somewhat of a common theme with this brand of ‘fiscal conservative’ Republicans.

Im sure Representative Rokita will give the usual fiscal conservative/ Tea Party mantra of ‘we need to offset new spending with cuts..’ While we can debate the implications of taking that hardline no-compromise position when considering and discussing new legislation, the fact that this was used to deny US citizens in New York and New Jersey recovery funds is absurd to say the least. People are without power, infastructure, and some necessities and
are truly struggling, yet we are still playing politics. For the record, the relief bill was passed unanimously in the Senate.

I can’t wait until 2020 when I’ll be eligible to run for office because I can’t stand this no compromise hardline ideological stance, and I can’t imagine many of those Representatives constituents can either.


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