Political Hypocrisy

This post could go on for ever as hypocrisy and politics go synonymous these days. However, I’m going to focus specifically on the case of diaster relief. With the current tragedy in Oklahoma being realized, undoubtedly relief money will be needed to help the victims rebuild. However, the two Senators from Oklahoma voted AGAINST relief for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, citing the need for a ‘balanced approach’ to the budget and demanding offsetting spending cuts. Let’s take a look at this hypocrisy.

The two Senators in question are Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn, both whom opposed the ~$60 billion aid package for the Northeast hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. They weren’t alone; 67 other members of Congress (all Republican) also voted against the bill. This has local implications as well. Currently, Tippecanoe County is applying for federal aid relief as a result of the damage caused by Aprils flooding in the area. Rep. Todd Rokita was another of the Republicans who voted against Hurricane Sandy relief, but now that his constituents are applying for federal relief will he change his tune?

The euphoria over balancing the budget was out of control, and now these Oklahoma Senators might be required to face their past votes. We should hold them and all those who opposed Hurricane Sandy relief to it, and if they turn around with their hand out for federal aid, ask them why federal aid is okay for their constituents but not for anyone else. While you may or may not agree with the budget crusade undertaken by Republicans and Tea Party representatives, these ideals have no place in the face of disasters such as the Oklahoma tragedy. It should be doing about the right thing from a moral sense, not rhetoric and political points.


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