21+: Republican Debate #1 + Liquid Refreshment

21+ year old friends, the first Republican debate for the 2016 primary promises to be a doozy, with no less than 10 incredibly (politically) diverse candidates getting ready to square off against one another.


With insane rhetoric leading up to the debate, I took the liberty of merging various ideas as well as my own in the form of a drinking game for you and your friends / family to participate in with your choice of beverage. I’d recommend choosing in a 5 – 3 – 1 -1 manner from each list, but it’s a free country (that we need to take back!!..). Enjoy responsibly.

One Drink

  • Donald Trump mentions his wealth or intelligence
  • Someone mentions Benghazi
  • A candidate starts a sentence with “This President ..”
  • A candidate bitches about the debate rules / moderator
  • Someone promises to “Take America Back ..” or “Make America Great Again”
  • The crowd cheers something awful (see: gay soldier example)
  • A candidate recounts their poor / hard upbringing
  • Trump refers to himself in 3rd person
  • Trump treats a policy idea like he’s selling a hotel.
  • Someone mentions how bad they think the Iran deal is
    • Bonus Drink: They do so by an insulting analogy
  • A candidate cuts another candidate off
  • A candidate blatantly ignores the question to respond to something earlier
  • Someone says “Free Market”

Two Drinks

  • Someone softens their bigotry by saying something like “I have many [minority] friends..”
  • Someone says welfare state
  • Someone equates terrorists with Muslims
  • Someone says “traditional marriage.”
  • Someone mentions how many firearms they own
  • Someone bitches about illegal immigrants
    • Bonus Drink: If they’re blatantly referring to Central + South Americans.
  • Someone says the US is a Christian Nation / Christians are being persecuted


  • A candidate mentions Reagan during their speaking time.
  • Mentions Obamas birth certificate
  • Someone calls Obama a socialist or America socialist.

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